East White Horse Beach Oceanside Association
A non-profit community association for East WHB Oceanside Property Owners 


Welcome to the East White Horse Beach Oceanside Association!

The EWHBOA is a Neighborhood Association (not a Homeowners Association) that was founded in October 1977.  Current membership is open to East WHB Oceanside cottage owners who reside ocean-side on Taylor Ave between the brook and the dunes.  Annual dues is $25 per household.  Membership is voluntary, not required.

The purpose of the EWHBOA is to enrich the cultural environment of the area through community forums, workshops, meetings and activities. To provide for the maintenance, improvement and beautification of the area through organized resident clean-up, property improvement and care of streets, trees, grounds, beaches, and other public properties. To refer individuals and groups within the community to appropriate public and private agencies in connection with problems concerning the clean-up, maintenance, improvement and beautification of the area.  Review our Charter & Bylaws.  Download the Membership Form.

Cheryl Damiano, Acting President
Susan Kirkland, Acting Secretary
Jean Afzali, Treasurer

Board of Directors/Area Reps:
Area 1:  Rosemary Gately & Lydia Lalli 
Area 2:  Robyn Jarvis & Erika Afzali
Area 3:  Peter Keane, 1OPEN
Area 4:  Jerry Blais & Corrina Carter

2018 Activities:

Our 2018 Member Meeting is Saturday, June 23rd, 10:00am behind Susan Kirkland's house,, 141 Taylor Ave.  Come in via the Taylor Ave Lot.


Funding Allocation Guidelines & Request Form:
In 2014, Membership voted to allocate $500 per year to each area, with a maximum Area amount  not to exceed $1,000.  The Board drafted some guidelines and a request form which was voted on at our June 2015 Member Meeting, and copies have been mailed and sent via email to membership, as well as uploaded to our website.  Click on the links to review the forms:

Property Listings:
If you are a member of the East WHB Oceanside Association, and your property is for sale or rent, privately, and not through a broker or listed with MLS, you can post your private listing on our FaceBook page/group.You just need to sign a disclaimer stating that it is not listed with an MLS Broker.  You can email the completed disclaimer to dawn@eastwhitehorsebeach.org, and your listing will be posted.

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Association Map

Click here to view the map with designated "Right of Ways" as documented at the Registry of Deeds.

Memoirs of East WHB as documented from Carrie Briggs.

The Legend of White Horse Beach, "Helen of White Horse", poem by Timothy Otis Paine, Elmwood, MA.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

 Date Time Event
 7.21.18 Dusk  Movie Night2018 MOVIE NIGHT revised.docx
35.0 KB
 6.23.18  10:00  Agenda_6.23.18_EWHBOA.pdf
278.1 KB
65.3 KB
141 Taylor Ave
 7/1/17 9am Annual Member Meeting, 79B Taylor Ave
 7/22/17 dusk Movie Night
 8/20/17 9:30am Member Meeting, 79B Taylor Ave
 6/2/16 7pm MADOT public hearing re:Taylor Ave, Town Hall
 6/9/16  6pm  MVSC-hosted Pre-July 3rd meeting with Emergency Personnel, Plymouth Police Department
 6/25/16 10am Annual Member Meeting - Draft Minutes
 7/4/16  8am Beach Cleanup
 8/6/16 9am Board Meeting - Water St. Cafe 
 8/6/16 Dusk Movie Night Double Feature
8/26/16 7pm Member Meeting, followed by Pot Luck, between 121G & 123G 
6/5/15 7:30pm Board Meeting - 79B Taylor Ave - Minutes
 6/27/15 10:00am Annual Member Meeting - Beachfront, Area 4 staircase/"The Wolf's Den"/73G  - Minutes
 7/18/15 Dark Movie Night - Dolphin Tale, Sandy lot, 145C Taylor
 8/7/15 7:00pm Board Meeting - 79B Taylor Ave. 
 8/29/15 10:00am Member Meeting - Beachfront, Area 4 staircase/"The Wolf's Den"/73G
 6/28/14 10:00am Annual Meeting - 79B Taylor Ave - Minutes
 7/19/14  TBD Family Fun Baggo Day!  Beachfront
 7/25/14 7pm Board Meeting - 79B Taylor Ave - Minutes
 8/16/14 Dark Family Movie Night, sandlot at 145C Taylor
 8/23/14 9:00am Member Meeting, Area 2 Beachfront, - Minutes
 8/23/14 10:30am Board Meeting, Area 2 Beachfront, - Minutes
 9/26/14 7:30pm Board Meeting - 79B Taylor
 8/30/13 8:30pm Board Meeting 
 6/22/12  7:00pm  Annual Meeting - Beachfront - Minutes 
 7/21/12 10:00am Association Member Meeting, followed by Board Meeting - Minutes
8/18/12 10:00am Board of Directors Meeting - Minutes
 9/22/12 10:00am Board of Directors Meeting 
6/29/13 10:00am Annual Member Meeting followed by Board Meeting   - Minutes
7/25/13 7:00pm MVSC Meeting - WHB Parking Committee Public Forum, Town Hall, Mayflower Room

7/27/13 6:00pm Board Meeting - RESCHEDULED
7/27/13 7:00pm Membership Drive Cocktail Hour (rain date August 3rd)

 8/3/13 10:00am  Board MeetingBoard Meeting Agenda 08032013.pdf
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