East White Horse Beach Oceanside Association
A non-profit community association for East WHB Oceanside Property Owners 


At our 2011 annual meeting, one of the biggest concerns that came up is the limited parking for residents and our guests during the summer months.  A Volunteer Parking Committee was formed, and p researching and information gathering. The committee's goal is to understand the real parking issues, and try to come up with a viable solution for the neighborhood, and have it implemented before the Taylor Ave Reconstruction Project begins in Spring 2018.  Here is a link to the 75% complete Project Plan; these files are as of February 2011.  The actual hard copy of the plan is available for viewing in the Engineering Department at Plymouth Town Hall.  There is a MADOT Public Hearing being held on Thursday, June 2nd, 7pm, at Town Hall.

At our 2012 meeting, the association voted unanimously to ask the town to implement a
Resident Permit Parking Program for the neighborhood.  A petition has been approved, and signatures were obtained.  We presented a Resident Permit Parking Program Proposal to the Manomet Village Steering Committee on August 23, 2012.

Dawn met with the town manager in September 2012.  She agreed to create a town-sanctioned "temporary" WHB Parking Committee, which was approved by the BOS.  The goal of this committee is to create a comprehensive parking proposal/plan to present to the Board of Selectmen in August '13.    WHB Parking Committee Mission & Charge.   Learn more about the WHB Parking Committee info on the town's website. 

A petition has been started to request release of the state funding for the Taylor Ave Reconstruction Project.  View/sign/share

Another issue people are concerned with is trespassing on public properties, littering, and unleashed dogs roaming the beach.  Members felt perhaps some signs at the right-of-ways and stairs directing the general public to the public beach entrances, and listing a couple of "rules" might be helpful.  A committee was formed, and results were presented at our June 2012 meeting.  The association voted unanimously to post signs at deeded right-of-way entrances from streets and beach stairs. Signs have been received, and will be displayed during the summer months, then removed during the off-season, to avoid vandalism and theft.  If you would like to post a sign on your property, contact any officer or area rep.

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